Rain and Sun

Hi everyone. I´m glad to anounce the album release of my good friend Moody Alien. With his eclectic work on interpretation, composition, sound design and arrangement he creates music that has a very unique mystic touch.

Since his spaceship landed in Greece he were translating his experiences on planet earth into sound decribed by the album title “A Moody Alien in the Dark”.

You probably heard about the situation in Greece, so if you´d like to support this musitian and get him some new strings for his chello and update his equipment to make some more of that great stuff you could do that by naming your price of choice for a very nice album.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I do.

Pixelpainting-digital collage.

This is a sketch for the artwork for a track called “The Siren´s Spell” (details below).I like this one quite a lot, but finally I decided that the track needed some more intense visual representation so I used the artwork you can see at my soundcloud profile.

Мир-logbook entry 001.02.2011: a sketch for the arwork for a version of a track called “Fagusan”:  http://soundcloud.com/knopfdreher/fagusan-club-cola-mix

EGA & Knopfdreher- Fagusan-(Club Cola-Mix) | Knopfdreher

МИР-MIR-project-entry- nº5. Method: the whole track “Samovar”, which is based on the 8samples (comming soon) was passed trough Reaktor, then several modifications of “vibechord modulated”,”filter chords” and “radio venus” where used for aditional chords. Drums and hits are made whith “snare”, “locust beat”, “echo bleep beat” and “hungry zorg” treaded with fx and resampled. The basses where mad with “squeeky bass loop” and the whole “Samovar” track filtered and distorted played on low octaves. Tweaking the samples and playing with the different rythms and grooves was a lot of fun. Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed working on it. Thanks again for reading and listening. Cheers.